The term Stakeholder (or Interest Bearer) identify a subject (or a group of persons) influential towards an initiative like a project.

The project <<Food ItalyTM>> was started by Stakeholders after the signing of the Rome agreement of June 6, 2014.

The stakeholders:



Codacons – Coordination of associations for the protection of the environment and the rights of users and consumers – for 40 years is one of the most representative consumer organizations at national level for the volume of work produced. Codacons is part of numerous advisory Committees of Public Administration. Codacons is a voluntary association referred to L.266 / 91 independent, no profit, democratic based and participatory which pursues exclusively social solidarity objectives.

Codacons, at the moment, is engaged in numerous initiatives concerning the protection of health, the economic interests of consumers and users, the safety and quality of products and services; the improvement of the contract standard concerning property or services in terms of correctness, transparency and equity; the legal and technical advice in favour of consumers and users; the research activity, documentation and publication relating to consumerism; almost all of them with hundreds of legal actions (administrative appeals, criminal complaints, notices pursuant to art. l.281 3/98).



UNIQUALITY (Italian National Union Professional for the Quality) is, from 1999, a no-political and no-profit association which unites, represents and protects professionals and people who work in our country (for example Auditor, Lead Auditor, Consultants, Managers, Handlers, Professional, Expert, etc …) and organizations in management systems (Quality, Safety, Food Safety, Environmental, Information Security, Social Responsibility, etc …).The protection and representation type is the employer for People / Businesses / Organizations.

La tutela e rappresentanza è di tipo Datoriale per Persone/Professionisti/Organizzazioni.

UNIQUALITY Association is comparatively more representative for Auditor / Lead Auditor (Inspectors / Chief Inspectors) and is in the List of the Ministry of Economic Development (MED) of Professional Associations that declare to possess the characteristics referred to in Art. 2 and by Art. 4 and 5 of the LAW Jan. 14, 2013, n.4 (Provisions relating to professions not organized).