Food Italy® Mark

We are proud to be Italian


The Mark «Food Italy®» finds its origins in the Italian flag, and derives from the intersection of the Italian cockade with the Italian flag stylized in three circles, with the inscription «Food Italy®» at the centre, in the three colors of the Italian flag. They evoke the “good Italian food”. The Italian agri-food sector follow, with its products, the Italian vocation: distinguish itself with the mix of the beauties of our country, which can be summarized in the three agri-food peculiarities, the landescapes and the artistic heritage.

Stakeholders want to communicate the existence of the voluntary certification Food Italy and and its mark, through the three peculiarities described, in respect of biodiversity (the primacy of Italian Food and Italian cuisine), in the tradition of (foods and simple meals), in the care of our territories, in respect with the Consumers, promoting the beauty of Italy in the world and, above all, to the same Italian.

The main assets of the strategic communication: Agri-food – Landscapes – Artistic heritage.

Compared Biodiversity – Respect for Tradition – Care of the Territories – Respect for Consumers.