Mark and Certification


The mark (use of the mark on the product) and the relative certification <<Food Italy>> (in front of the disciplinary <<Food Italy: 2014©>>) to be iussed to the entity (Agri-food Company, Agricultural Entrepreneur, Producer, Consortium, Cooperative , etc. ..), through a universally accepted method, which includes assessment, subsequent surveillance and periodic evaluations of the product and of the entity processes, which provides a sampling method, that the entity meets the 3 minimum rules indicated in the regulations for the product.

Compared with other rating systems, one of the main characteristics of certification <<Food Italy>>, is to conduct audits (inspections) combined on the production system adopted (for example evaluating the production processes in the factory or on the site) and the products (assessed in production e distribution or in the market), for provide objective elements for the certification or for the maintenance in time of the same.

The conformity checks at the 3 minimum rules indicated in the regulations, are executed by CERTIFICATION third Italian Body [1] with Italian Inspectors (Auditor), Attestations [2] and Certificates [3], to ensure absolute objectivity and competence of the valuations carried out.


The Certification Committee of CERTIFICATION [1], which will ratify the Certification and will grant the use of the mark, will be composed by Stakeholders: Codacons and UNIQUALITY.

Every Certificated entity will accompany their certified products with the mark <<Food Italy>>, and with the verification code Food Italy code to make direct the product verification by the Consumer in the world. Simply connect to the internet, to get all the information about the real Italian product, viewing the product characteristics baseded on the 3 rules of the regulations, being able to trace the entity from all over the world.

[1] Third Italian Body: Certification – www.certificationsrl.it.[2] By Italian Professional Association accordance with the Law 4/2013 registered at the Ministry of Economic Development for Auditor / Lead Auditor (Inspectors and Chief Inspectors): UNIQUALITY.[3] By People Certification Body (Auditor / Lead Auditor), which operates in accordance with the UNI EN ISO / IEC 17024.